Specialty Shampoo Products + De-Skunking!

Specialty Shampoo Products + De-Skunking!

Specialty Shampoo products + De-Skunking!

Does your pet have sensitive skin? Have a run-in with local wildlife?

The shampoos and products we use in the shop are top of the line professional grade- and all certified non-toxic of course!
Get your pooch smelling sweet again or sooth the itch for those with sensitive or irritated skin conditions.

Our specialty products help those who got a little to close to stinky skunks, or have a particularly fragrantly foul coat, erase the odor and walk away with the aroma of happiness!

Hypo-allergenic and Eucalyptus products help your pet with sensitive or dry skin; relieve irritation and constant scratching! Help soothe sore patches and heal sores or scabs from excessive aggravation.

~ALSO!! For our water sensitive Feline friends, we offer a waterless DRY SHAMPOO to keep your kitty clean and comfortable!!

Last Updated On: March 08, 2016
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